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What Is A Particle Board?

Posted by Admin on June, 29, 2012

Particle Board or engineered wood is produced by using wood particles, namely, saw dust, wood chips, sawmill shavings and a synthetic resin or binder and then pressed. It is economical and dense wood and hence lightest and weakest fiber board. Particle Boards are available in various grades and specifications. The strength of Particle board is directly proportional to its density. In fact, Particle Board with higher density is more resistant to failure of screw fasteners.

The mixture of wood particles and resin is used to fabricate sheets of Particle Board or Chipboard. The raw materials are fed into a disc chipper which consists of blades. All the particles are dried and then the synthetic resin is added. After that, this liquid is molded into sheets. These sheets are then cold-compressed to make them portable by reducing their thickness. They are compressed again by the action of pressure and temperature to harden the resin. Finally, these sheets are cooled and trimmed.

Particle Board is advantageous many ways:

  • Particle Board is economical than conventional wood.
  • It does not undergo splitting and warping when exposed to humidity.
  • The Particle Boards are high in demand due to uniformity in thickness.
  • The sheets of Particle Board or Chipboard are flat and large in size.
  • These sheets are resistant to any kind of stains and steam.
  • The sheets of Particle Board are very easy to clean.
  • Particle Board can be easily decorated by using laminated overlays.
  • Since Particle Board is manufactured by using recycled wood products; hence, they are eco-friendly to some extent.

Particle Board also has some disadvantages:

  • It is meant for indoor use only as due to long exposure to moisture the situation of decolonization arises and it may also expand.
  • It gives a dull appearance in comparison to solid wood.
  • It has very less elasticity as compared to solid wood.
  • It has low bending strength.
  • There are always chances of chipping of ends therefore solid timber is required for edge treatment.

These Particle Boards are used in partitioning, table tops, wall cladding, shelving, furniture carcass construction, ceiling, doors, computer furniture, kitchen cabinets, beds, etc. These can be bought online from the Particle Board Manufacturers and Suppliers.

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