Patel Kenwood Pvt. Ltd. Blog Latest Products Tue, 23 Jul 2024 14:58:19 +0530 en-us Particle Board And Woodworking Thu, 29 Sep 2011 14:46:30 +0530 Particle Board has become a preferable part of various Wooden Composites. In manufacturing of a variety of Car Case Backs, Drawer Bottoms, and Concealed Panels, the Particle Board is extensively used. History Particle Board was first developed in the 1930s. At that time, Particle Board was made from Recycling Wood Flakes, Chips, and Sawdust dismissed as Sawmill Waste.  Later, it was found that better strength, appearance and resin economy could be achieved by using more uniform, manufactured chips. Considering the same, manufacturers began processing solid birch, beech, alder, pine and spruce into consistent chips and flakes. The finer layers were then placed on the board’s outer sides. And with the central section composed of coarser, cheaper chips, three layered board was invented. This type of board was known as Three-Layer Particleboard. Present Today, many mills focus mainly on particleboard production, processing softwood and medium-density hardwoods into composite particles with machines called drum flakers, chippers and hammer mills.  More recently, graded-density particleboard has also evolved. It contains particles that gradually become smaller as they get closer to the surface. Methods Of Manufacturing Particleboard is manufactured by two basic methods:  Extrusion: For extrusion processes that are not very common, wood particles are mixed with adhesives and are made into panels by forcing through small opening. Orientation of the grain particles here is at 90 degrees to the panel’s face. Mat-forming: Particles and adhesives are squeezed in the process of mat forming. Pressed into a mat, the grains here lie parallel to the face of panels. Major Kinds Mat-formed particleboard comes in three configurations. These are: Single-layer Particle Board: Having uniformly sized and shaped wood particles. Multi-layer Particle Board: Coarser shavings at the core and finer shavings on the outside surface of panel. Graded-density Particle Board: Here, the change from coarse to finer particles is more gradual than multi- layer particleboard. Availability Standard Particle Boards are available in sheets of 4 by 8 feet. Besides, these are available in 5-by-10 panels. Thicknesses range from 1/4 to 2 inches. Particle Board Manufacturers chiefly make them from blends of wood particles and synthetic adhesives. These are bonded together under intense heat and pressure, to compose strong and durable Particle Board, which is used for further making solid woods. The Particle Board is basically less expensive and quite affordable for a common man. Besides, the Particle Boards are more dimensionally stable than plain wood. Enhance Your Houses Interior With Timber Floor Boards Thu, 29 Sep 2011 14:48:45 +0530 Timber Flooring is one of the best flooring choices nowadays. Owing to its beautiful looks and long lasting features, it has become an ideal choice for every homeowner. It is guaranteed that you are adding great value to your property by using them in your existing or new home. Have a look at some of the advantages of Timber Floor Boards: No More Cleaning Headache: Timber flooring is absolutely easy to clean and this is definitely is its one of the best qualities. Timber flooring comes handy with trouble free cleaning feature which means that the particles of dust can be easily cleaned by simply mopping or vacuuming. Also, the spills over floors, which earlier were not less than a headache, can now be easily wiped in just a few seconds. Say Bye Bye To Allergies: People who are prone to allergies can safely use timber floor in their house. Why? Well, it’s simply because dust particles are the root cause of every kind of allergies and Timber flooring are completely dust proof. Stylize Your Homes & Offices: A good feature of timber floor is its natural look that can go well with every style of home décor. Timber floor looks elegant in each and every room of a house be it your kitchen, dining area or your bedroom. Though it is good to have timber flooring in your kitchen and dining room where food spills are likely, you can prefer them for any room as per your individual choice. Summer Or Winter, Doesn’t Matter! Timber floor is ideal for both winters and summers as it is cool to walk on during summer and at the same time gives you much needed warmth during chilling winters.  You can get a wide range of choices of natural shades of Timber Floor in your nearest market. Available in colors ranging from sand or pale to darker and Chocó brown, the Timber Floor blends perfectly to the interiors of your homes and offices.  Timber Floor is a natural product, so the colors or designs are not uniformly laid all over the surface. This, in fact is the beauty of this product. In addition to this, it is easy to mop and gives a sparkling and clean look to your place. How to Make Particle Board Thu, 29 Sep 2011 14:50:50 +0530 Particle Board is a highly essential product in Construction Industry. Basically Particle Board refers to a composite material which is made by mixing wood particles with a resin or some other binder. The Particle Board is highly demanded for its fabulous features. Here’s a list of some of its features: Cheap & Best Particle Board is cheaper than any other quality rich board available in the market. Being made from resins and binders, the Particle Boards are best choice for making furniture.  Endearing Appearance Particle Board has a more uniform appearance than wooden boards. It is most often used in applications where more preference is given to the cost and appearance. For example wooden pieces, detachable blocks, etc. Wood Resembling Looks Particle Board is widely used in load-bearing applications. Particle Board Manufacturers these days glue a wood veneer over particle board so as to make it resemble to wood. Looking at the amazing features of the Particle Board, these are extensively used in making Particle Board Cabinets, Particle Board Doors, Particle Board Beds, Particle Board Desks, Particle Board Ply boards, etc. Requiring no major labor cost, the Particle Board is easy to made. Particle Board can be easily made in a few simple steps that are given below:  Step 1 In a disc chipper, feed the raw wood material for the Particle Board.  Step 2 Dry the wood particles. Step 3 Screen out any particles that are too large or small. Step 4 Spray the resin onto the particles through nozzles.  *Note:  Use Urea formaldehyde for those composites that don't require water resistance. Whereas use Melamine formaldehyde for those applications that moisture resistance to the Particle Board. Step 5 Mix the resin with the wood particles and pour it into a sheet.  Step 6 Use rotating rakes to distribute the particles in the resin according to size.  Step 7 Compress the sheets to make them thinner and easier to transport.  Step 8 Cool, trim and sand the Particle Board.  Now the Particle Board is all set to be sold without providing any further treatment. Just make sure to cover the Particle Board with a wood veneer before dispatching it to the retailer or buyer. Particle Board can be made more attractive by painting or the use of wood veneers that are glued onto surfaces that will be visible. Though it is denser than conventional wood, it is the lightest and alluring fiberboard, best to be used for decorative. How to Stain Laminated Particle Board Wed, 02 Nov 2011 10:31:46 +0530 Particle Board is used to make various types of furniture or kitchen cabinets. Particle Board is also an inexpensive material that is made using recycled wood scrap. These Particle Boards are laminated to make them durable as well as decorative. Stain Lamination offers a beautiful makeover to the Particle Board and helps in retaining a new look over the years. To stain the laminated Particle Board in a similar way the Particle Board Manufacturers do, there are certain instructions to be followed that can simplify the task of staining. At first, remove any type of hardware such as hinges, knobs or handles from the Particle Board.  Laminate surface is to be wiped down to remove residue before staining with a degreaser. The instructions on the cleaner should also be followed for proper application. In the next step, the lamination has to be made rough so that the stains set on the Particle Board easily. For making the surface rough, medium-grit sandpaper is used. After sanding, vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the area.  By following the instructions for application and curing, fill the holes in the particle board using wood filler. Once it dries, again sand it down to create a flush surface.  Using a roller or brush, apply the primer coating twice. Keep it in open air for drying before staining it.  Use a rag dipped in stain to wipe across the wood. Clean it using a clean towel by following the instructions or directions on stain. The stain should be applied evenly, avoiding the uneven and dark spots.   Once the stain dries, apply a thin even coat by spraying or rolling of the polyurethane sealer. Let the wooden Particle Board dry overnight and allow the sealer to cure. Staining on Particle Boards can be done at home as well but to save time and to get more perfection, it is feasible to obtain them from various Particle Boards Manufacturers or Suppliers. The buyers can search through various online portals and customized websites of Manufacturers to find themselves a suitable deal. Better Learn About Plywood Particle Board Construction Wed, 02 Nov 2011 10:32:45 +0530 The kitchen cabinets or cupboards in the drawing room add to the look and elegance of the area. The Cabinets look classy only when these are styled with Plywood or a Particle Board. Selecting the type of material is essential, as there are numerous choices available in the market. Every material is different from another in some respect or the other. Below there is a brief discussion about the variety of the boards available in the market that can meet different requirements of the buyers. PlywoodPlywood is mostly used in cabinet construction. Plywood is made from wood veneers layers that are bonded together. Being cheaper than solid wood, Ply wood is widely used in making wooden furniture.  Plywood also has excellent properties such as it is resistant to crack, shrink warp, etc. It is easily available in the market as many Plywood Manufacturers are engaged in offering it. ParticleboardParticleboard is another common material that is used in making cabinets. Particleboard is not as stronger as it looks and it even does not warp like a solid wood. Particleboard is made of wood shavings and chips that are bound together by resin. Being budget friendly, Particleboard is widely preferred in making various cabinets. Solid woodSolid Wood as the name suggests, is strong and tough due to which it is used in making doors of cabinets. But the major draw back in using solid wood is that it tends to warp over the years due to temperature and moisture change. FiberboardFiberboard also referred as engineered wood product. Fiberboard is available in different density. More the density of the board, stronger and expensive it will be. There are list of choices for the buyers available in the market. Choosing the right kind of Plywood or a Particle Board is necessary and to know about the type it is necessary to know about its specifications, features and properties. Therefore, it is suggested to known the type of material you would like to choose in detail for different styled cabinets in various finishes. To buy these Ply woods or a Particle Boards you can go through various online portals or websites of Plywood or Particle Board Manufacturers and Suppliers. Laminated Particle Boards Wed, 02 Nov 2011 10:34:51 +0530 Nowadays, the flooring of Laminated Particle Boards is very much in fashion. Laminated Particle Boards are not only resistant to stains and scratches but can also be easily installed. Their long-lasting flooring is ideal for households, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and offices. They are specially designed for easy to install, low maintenance, affordable and aesthetic flooring.  Laminated Particle Boards are made of wood plies which are laminated together. In the recent years, solid hardwood flooring has been one of the most widely demanded floorings, but it too has its cons. Besides being over-priced and complex to install it requires regular maintenance. In addition, its gloss easily fades away with the passage of time. Laminated Particle Boards are far better than hardwood because they don’t carry the hassles that the latter comes along with. Why Laminated Particle Boards?     Made up of multiple layers, Laminated Particle Boards are highly resistantto  cracks caused by humidity.      They are available in diverse colors and myriad designs.     Resistant to wear and tear     Highly resistant to UV rays, protecting the floor from fading in sunlight     Inexpensive     Maintenance free Different Types of floorings made from Laminated Particle Boards are as follows:     Categorized in diverse ways, Laminated Wooden Floors can be easily described by the type of wood used in making them. Woods like Oak, Ash and Maple are renowned choices and are easily available in the market. Additionally, Pine is an exquisite wood, but it’s softer than the other woods.       Planks, strips and parquet – These are the varied styles in which Laminated Wooden flooring is available in. Plank flooring is a traditional one and is wider than three inches. Strips are normally made of nearly two inches wide pieces of wood. Finally, in parquet flooring, the pieces of wood are laid out in order to construct a design on the floor.  If you’re looking for the attractive Laminated Particle Boards, going online is the best option. Over the internet, you can conveniently browse Laminated Particle Boards Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters and can choose the one who is ready to cater you as per the budget and requirements. Kitchen Cabinet Design Plywood or Particleboard for Your Kitchen Cabinet Design Wed, 02 Nov 2011 10:37:20 +0530 Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? If yes, then you must be thinking about many things, right from flooring to chimney and burner. Choosing a trendy kitchen cabinet is also one of the key things you take into consideration. You can easily choose your favorite kitchen cabinet design by going online as there is a lot of information available there. But how to begin? Where to look? What to choose among the manifold patterns and designs out there? This article will answer all these questions. Keeping everything else aside, start by deciding the budget of your kitchen renovation project. Then you should consult the kitchen renovation store and call them at your home. The store professionals will bring forth many ideas and materials to choose from for the dream-like renovation of your kitchen. Usually, you end up spending a huge amount of money on kitchen cabinet, since the total volume of cabinetry in the kitchen is also huge. Aside from it, purchasing branded countertops and appliance for the kitchen is also a costly affair.  One of the major problems arises in choosing the right wood for kitchen cabinet. When it comes to choosing between Particle Board and plywood, most of you will go for plywood; probably because it is popularly used. But did you know that in reality, Particle Board is better than plywood. Just search online for Particle Board Suppliers and visit their website to know about the specialty of its grades. Particle Board BenefitsParticle Board is made of particles of wood that are held together with adhesive. Plywood, on the other hand, is made of thin sheets of wood that are pasted together with the use of adhesive. Both of the materials are sturdy and are perfect for making kitchen cabinets. Also, both of them are available in different grades. High density Particle Board is stronger than plywood and lasts for a long span of time. In addition, when the humidity changes, every kind of wood naturally expands and contracts, but Particle Boards are more resistant to such changes. That’s why, they are also ideal if you live in an area with high humidity.  Finally, if you are looking for Particle Boards Manufacturers, going online would be the best idea. Wood Cabinets vs Particleboard What is the Difference Wed, 02 Nov 2011 10:38:04 +0530 The use of sturdy material while remodeling your kitchen is far more important than its looks. The aesthetic appearance of the kitchen can fade away if you’ve not used quality material during its construction. Keeping the flooring of kitchen aside, let’s talk particularly about Kitchen Cabinets. Obviously, the face frame of kitchen cabinet is important for its beautiful looks, but this beauty wouldn’t determine the lifespan of the kitchen structure because that will be determined by wood used in its construction.   Solid Wood V/S PlywoodMost of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers use solid wood for the making of face frame of kitchen cabinet, but there are also other materials used for the construction of cabinets. These manufacturers don’t realize that solid wood cabinets are not economically feasible for the mass population. Plywood is one of the highly priced solid woods, widely used for making kitchen cabinets. Particle Board: A Good Novel OptionIf you’re looking for qualitative yet economical material for kitchen cabinets, then it’s undoubtedly Particle Board. Particle Board is made of small chips of wood that are compressed and are held together with adhesive. Available in different grades, Particle Board with high density is sturdier than plywood. Therefore, the kitchen cabinet made of this material is highly durable. In addition, Particle Board is much cheaper than plywood, so it’s a great choice for the low budget buyers. To look for Particle Board Manufacturers, you can go online and can easily find them. Aside from Particle Board, Fiberboard is also one of the regularly used materials for making kitchen cabinets. It’s as dense as thick cardboard, but it’s not as sturdy as plywood or High Density Particle Board. Another major problem with them is that, over time, they tend to lose the grip of the fasteners.  So, if you’re starting to shop for new cabinets for the décor and are thinking of the long-lastingness of your kitchen then it’s a must to consider the pros and cons of the cabinets made of various materials and then select the one. Don’t only go by the looks, but also consider sturdiness and durability of the cabinet as one of the pivotal factors.  Particle Board Cabinets Wed, 02 Nov 2011 10:44:09 +0530 Are you planning to add storage cabinets at your house? If yes, then you should go for Particle Board Cabinets in order to complete this task at an economical price. This article will discuss why you should prefer Particle Board Cabinets over any other type of wood cabinet. Cabinets are one of the most appreciated furniture pieces offering closed storage space. Cabinets that are well-designed can also significantly enhance the décor of your house. They can be put in almost each and every room because they are available in small to medium and large sizes. A well-organized storage place is offered by the cabinets. Cabinets for books, bathroom vanities, Kitchen cabinets and cabinets that are fixed and touch the ceiling in the passages – these are some of the extensively demanded cabinets around the world. The cabinets are found in almost every house, but sometimes their expenses can be quite higher. If you’re on a low budget and are still looking for quality as well as aesthetically beautiful cabinets, then the best alternative are Particle Board Cabinets. What Are Particle Board Cabinets?Particle Board Cabinets are usually made with the use of sawdust and other waste particles of wood. Firstly, the blend of these two items is mixed with a special resin in order to form a suspension. Then this suspension is pressed and extruded along with the glue to form Particle Boards, which is used to make cabinets and other furniture objects. Advantages Of Particle Board Cabinets:     They are highly inexpensive as compared to plywood cabinets     Although, they are not available in extraordinary designs, but they are best defined as simply aesthetic.     Though they are less sturdy than plywood cabinets but are the complete value for money. If you are looking to Buy Particle Boards, then the best option is to go online. There, you can conveniently find the reputed Particle Boards Manufacturers in India, who can provide you with the quality Particle Boards. In addition, they provide Particle Boards at very nominal rates because of the competition in the current market. Why Go For Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets Wed, 21 Dec 2011 12:23:18 +0530 So, you are going for the renovation of your kitchen and finding it hard to decide on which type of Kitchen Cabinets to be installed! There are various factors that have to be considered while the making of a perfect kitchen and choosing the right kind of Kitchen Cabinets is very essential of all.  Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets have emerged today as a popular option for many. People are opting for the Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets as they are made of Particle Boards that are comparatively dense, cheap, and more consistent than the conventional wood or plywood. The Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets have become an alternative for the conventional wooden cabinets as they are more appealing and have greater strength. One can find various varieties of the Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets based on their designs, patterns and most importantly, the type of particle board they are made of. Major types of boards used to make the cabinets include Laminated Particle Boards, Plain Particle Boards, and Melamine Particle Boards. Due to the distinguished and unbeatable features of the Particle Boards, they are also used for making Cupboards, Shutters, Wardrobes, Office Furniture, Partitions, Panel Doors, Computer Furniture, Table Tops, Shelves, Beds, Doors, Ceilings, etc. It is the special make of the Particle Board that makes the Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets preferable. The major advantages due to its make are: Cost-effectiveness and high strength make the Particle Board a preferred choice over the Solid Wood, Ply Wood or any other conventional Wood.  As the Particle Board is man-made, one can conveniently make it to suit the required application. The Particle Board is versatile in nature. One can find diverse varieties of Particle Board as it comes in various thicknesses, grades, sizes. The Particle Board is made with the properties of natural strength and firmness. One can rely upon the sturdiness of the Particle Board for very longer time. The Particle Board is quite convenient to work with by using the very basic tools and skills, thus taking an edge over the Solid Wood. The Particle Board can be easily drilled, cut, united and fastened.  The Particle Board is widely admired for its aesthetic appeal. It gives a very elegant appeal when finished with colors, paints, and varnishes. The Particle Board make the best use of wood as it can be cut into various small sizes. The USP of Particle Board remains its low cost and wide availability. Considering these benefits, buying Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets becomes the right decision. Going online is the best option to buy Particle Boards or cabinets made from them as there are so many options to choose from.  Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets Save or Cost You Money Wed, 21 Dec 2011 12:33:06 +0530 To remodel, or not to remodel, that is the question! And this question comes into the mind of every budget-minded person when s/he is thinking about remodeling of the kitchen. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, remodeling of kitchen can be as expensive as you wouldn’t have even imagined, if not done in a smart and prudent manner. While renovating the kitchen, there are, indeed, many things through which can save you a good amount of money, such as opting for Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets instead of the plywood ones, doing maximum amount of labor work yourself so that you can buy a new appliance from the money saved, etc. Besides, you can also reface the cabinets instead of buying the new ones and can save a great amount of money. But do unfinished kitchen cabinets save you money? Or buying them is a bad deal? Read on to discover answers to these questions and to know more about how to save money while remodeling the kitchen.  Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets are one of the most sought-after cabinets these days. They are not only economical but also look attractive; in fact, their usage in kitchens has become a trend nowadays. Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets are highly preferred by the people who want to save money while remodeling the kitchen. Although they are available in various woods, but kitchen cabinets made of Laminated Particle Boards, Plain Particle Boards or Melamine Particle Boards are the most affordable yet durable. Besides that Particle Boards can save you a good amount of money, they have many other benefits, some of which are as follows: Particle Board is one of the most uniform and dense boards among all types of wood. Unlike plywood, Particle Boards won’t bow under the weight. They are available in different densities. Higher the density, higher the strength and resilience. They are available in myriad colors, so you have a plethora of options to choose from. Particle Boards are resistant to termite and are durable. In case you’re looking to Buy Particle Boards, going online is the best option nowadays. Over the Internet, you can find various Particle Board Manufacturers in India and Wood Boards Suppliers from India. These vendors can provide you with a wide spectrum of Particle Boards – and that too at the most discounted prices. Wood Craft Fuel Your Hobby With Complete Information Wed, 21 Dec 2011 12:38:50 +0530 For many, Wood Craft is the most creative way to utilize their spare time. Many others take it merely as a profession. For those, who count Wood Craft as their hobby or have a knack for it must also consider having the basic information regarding the things and necessities required.  For instance, even if you are just a layman or the professional one, Wood Crafting demands vigorous practice, competence, and skills. Apart from the basic requirement of interest, and capability there is a constant need of caution while performing the task.  What One Needs? There are various tools and devices such as Scrap lumber, Paint Brushes, Power Tools Nails, Glue, etc. needed for the Wood Crafting. One has to keep all the tools required at the length of hand for a convenient and concentrated Wood Crafting. There are a number of things required right from the beginning phase to the finishing touches. A perfect choice has also to be made of selecting the best quality of wood so that your craft is the best one. One can get the essentials required, from the Wood Craft stores nearby as well as from various online stores. How To Start? One has to be fully prepared with the tools as well as the fine quality wood like Particle Board or any other kind for an ideal start of Wood Crafting. Here are given some of the points that should be considered before giving a start to your hobby. Make out the list of all the things that you may require in the process and recheck it to ensure that nothing is left. Forgetting any of the items may hinder your work. Make sure that all the tools such as power drills, jig-saw, clamper, miter saw, etc, are kept handy. Don’t forget to keep the sandpaper with you. It gives a finished look to the wood item and also makes the surface very smooth to work upon. In case, you don’t have the sandpaper, you can opt for the sander too. Apart from the basic tools and good quality wood like Particle Board or Melamine Board, what one needs, is a greater span of attention. The Wood Crafting demands a lot of patience and attention. You have to continuously be cautious that your eyes remain safe from the tiny particles of the wood in the crafting process. Make sure that you are wearing your goggles and safely handle your tools. In case, the process of Wood Crafting is being performed by the children, parents have to ensure that the kids are kept under supervision. The hobby is worth and significant only if there is no risk of injury. All About Laminate Flooring Wed, 04 Jan 2012 10:45:06 +0530 Laminate flooring is one of the best types of flooring for the houses and work places. It’s flooring which is totally inspired by nature. When we are around nature we feel relaxed and calm, therefore, the main purpose of the Laminate Flooring is to create a serene and spacious atmosphere in home and the work place. But other than this, why do people prefer laminate flooring and why its demand is rising in the construction sector? Let’s answer this question and more.People prefer Laminating Flooring because it is easier to clean and it’s reasonably easy for homeowners to install. Wooden Laminate Flooring looks like hardwood but actually it is not. Laminate flooring is a surface layer of two thin sheets of paper impregnated with melamine. This type of Flooring adds beauty and elegance to the house. Laminate Flooring provides a graceful touch to home and work station. Laminate Flooring is all about colors and lots of designs are also available. For kitchens and washrooms, Laminate Flooring is highly recommended.What Type Of Maintenance Is Required?It is important to keep Laminating Flooring clean because dust, dirt and sand particles can scratch decorative surface of the flooring. Water or moisture can cause a great damage like swell or wrap of the Flooring therefore, it is important to keep the Laminated Floor dry.What Are The Types Available?Laminate Flooring is well known as Pergo which is the brand name but there are lots of manufacturers who produce Laminate Flooring with real good quality. It is also known as Floating Flooring. Laminate Flooring is all about colors. Buyers can go for Laminate Flooring on various bases like color type, construction type, surface type, edge and design type.What Are The Benefits Of Laminate Flooring?The best advantage of Laminate Flooring is that it’s extremely affordable. Also, Laminate Flooring can be installed the way an owner wants like installing the planks on a typical horizontal or vertical style can be installed diagonally. Laminate Flooring Manufacturers offer them for countertops, paneling, and other decor needs. It is the perfect way to get the look of natural wood or stone. Laminate floors with wide width give a large and spacious look to any room and are more appropriate for nearly every space in the home.Laminate Flooring not only suits the budget but also enhances the lifestyle. Out of the many types of flooring, a Laminate Floor is a manageable and adds appeal to the room when installed. Everything You Need To Know About Laminate Flooring Wed, 04 Jan 2012 11:05:28 +0530 Till now, everyone knew that lamination of products keeps them protected. But have you ever heard about the Laminate Flooring, which has come across as one of the increasingly used flooring solutions? The Laminate Flooring is attracting many homeowners as it is one of the most versatile, well-designed and durable kinds of flooring available throughout the markets today.How To Choose Laminate Flooring:There are several considerations, which are to be kept in mind while choosing Laminate Flooring for the house. The warrantee of Laminate Flooring generally varies from 10 years to 20 years to a lifetime. It should be given a considerable thought, whether or not you are going to live forever in the house. In case, you are planning to move soon, there is no need to purchase costly Laminate Flooring with extended warrantee period. Well, selecting an ideal Laminate Flooring is not a very easy task, but once you come across the right type, you can consider it as a long-run investment.Types Of Laminate Flooring:The Laminate Flooring generally comes in two types; such as planks and tiles. One can find a large number of Laminated Particle Boards Manufacturers in India, who offer diverse range of Laminate Flooring. These manufacturers keep on experimenting with the colors, patterns and makes of Laminate Flooring, which gives plenty of options to choose from.The Benefits Of Laminate Flooring:Pertaining to the numerous beneficial features of Laminate Flooring, it has topped the list of various other flooring systems. It is being considered as one of the best alternatives to the hardwood. Available in various colors and designs, the Laminate Flooring, with its smooth and stain-resistant surface is quite a good-looking flooring system. Let’s have a look at the number of benefits that Laminate Flooring has: The Laminated Flooring is comparatively very tough and durable in nature. Because the laminated flooring is chemical resistant, the typically harsh cleaning agents cannot damage its surface. The laminated flooring has the capability to resist the sparks and reduces the chances of burn. The color of the laminated flooring remains intact for many years. You need not to worry about the color fading of the floors. The hypoallergenic element of the laminated flooring makes it free from the plasticizers, chlorines, dioxins, etc. The installation of laminated flooring is quite easy in comparison to the conventional flooring ways. It can easily be installed over the already existing floor such as concrete, wood, tiles, etc. Apart from the above mentioned benefits of the Laminated Flooring, it requires low maintenance and is quite easy to care for. The Laminated Flooring with its quality features can be availed easily installed at your homes. You just need to make some extra efforts for the prefect selection of Laminated Flooring.   Melamine Particle Board Facts Wed, 04 Jan 2012 11:07:34 +0530 Melamine is basically used as a coating over the furniture to enhance its quality as well as appearance. It is extensively used to add value in the make of otherwise ordinary wood products. The material has various scientific characteristics and can be used for various purposes. Pertaining to its low cost and resilient way to give different colors and patterns to the wood products; it is extensively used in the wood industry.Varieties Of Melamine:The Melamine Particle Board is available throughout the markets in a wide variety of thicknesses. As the Melamine in the Particle Board is a simple beauty enhancing material, it can easily be used as any pattern and color as well.The Advantages Of Melamine:Melamine is quite advantageous if compared to other materials. One can get the bulk quantity of this material at very low prices. The material is not restricted to be only used as a decorative sheet but has several usages, which make it top the list of the users.The Make Of Melamine Particle Board:The Melamine Particle Board is basically formed by melamine resin, which is made by the mixture of formaldehyde and melamine. The Melamine Particle Board is extensively used to laminate a decorative sheet over a particle board.How One Can Work With Melamine Particle Board?To make most of the Melamine material as a Particle Board, one has to fetch specific saw blades, which are especially meant for making the Melamine Particle Board. One can get these specially designed saw blades from various shops in the market.Precautions Must Be There:Though the material is very beneficial from the viewpoint of making Melamine Particle Board, safety measures must be adopted while handling the Melamine Particle Boards.While cutting the Melamine-coated Particle Board panels with the help of a saw, greatest care has to be taken. The very tiny remains of Melamine coating usually fly off from the saw blades at very high speed. These non-viewable tiny particles can cause harm to the eyes. Besides this, cut ends on the Melamine-coated Particle Boards are very sharp. For this, covering the ends with a metal file would be the best solution.One can avail the high-quality Melamine Particle Board from various outlets in the market and also look out for the online Melamine Particle Boards Manufactures, who provide them at very economical prices. Key Factors to Remember While Opting for Wooden Furniture Fri, 10 Feb 2012 13:37:39 +0530 More the number of options available more are the chances that you will get confused. Choosing the best Wooden Furniture comes under the same definition. Well, there is no substitute for Wooden Furniture, and because it is available in so many varieties, people are often in the dilemma of choosing the best quality. Besides, they often find it difficult to get the most appealing but at the same time easily affordable wooden furniture. Here, we will get to know the significant information about the Wooden Furniture, the kind of woods used in their making, their availability and where to get them from.   Wooden Furniture And The Availabilities:Wooden Furniture completes and complements the decor of any house and office as well. It not only looks elegant but lasts forever. While buying the Wooden Furniture, the foremost consideration should be the quality of wood used in the making which also ensures its endurance. The main ingredients in the making of Wooden Furniture are Solid Wood and Veneers. Veneers are mainly known as Particle Boards which are further available in various forms such as Melamine Particle Board, Pre-Laminated Particle Board, etc. The Particle Boards are extensively used in the making of different wood products including the furniture. And though you can get the Wooden Furniture in vibrant colors, there is always an option of repainting them. You can always color your furniture according to your taste as well as in accordance with the color of your rooms.   Wooden Furniture From The Different Aspects:Before investing in any type of Wooden Furniture, examine the condition of the joints. Also, ensure that there are no holes or cracks. Splits in the joints may affect the endurance of the furniture. Each part of the furniture should be nailed very strongly. It should not just be glued with an adhesive. The hinges used in the furniture should be of the finest quality and corrosion resistant. In addition, the quality of Wooden Furniture can be judged by its flexibility. For instance, if you face problem while opening or closing the drawers, they are sure to cause problem afterwards. If you are buying the second-hand wooden furniture, ensure that it’s been made from finest quality wood and has the potential to serve for more years. In case you are investing in antique Wooden Furniture, ensure its present market value and durability as well.   No matter what kind of Wooden Furniture you wish to buy, the best option to buy them is going online. By browsing the B2B portals, you can get the best furniture deals, whether it is regarding the price or variety.  Laminate Flooring - Things You Need to Know Fri, 10 Feb 2012 13:42:40 +0530 Laminate Flooring is ideal for anyone who desires a durable floor at a fraction of price, and installation price of a hardwood floor and the charisma of a real hardwood. Laminate Flooring is comparably durable and decorative but has relatively lower price than hardwoods   Some Tips To Be Considered While Choosing Laminate Flooring: The thickness of the flooring should be considered. Thicker flooring would be a little expensive, but it will be durable. Look for a trademark on the product, describing minimum product standards. The seal on it signifies that the products meet the requirements. Installation service and flooring contractors are available. The contractor, whom you will be hiring for installation, can also get the flooring. He is liable to give you the material warranty in guarantee, if you are getting flooring from him. Ask two or three people about the contractor, before availing the services. It would look good in bathrooms and kitchens as well but the biggest concern is what if leaks happen. If the leakages happen, then the entire flooring has to be replaced. Why One Should Opt For Laminate Flooring? Durability is the key feature of Laminate Flooring as it is superior to real wood flooring. It comes with ten to fifteen years warranty. It is many times stronger than hardwood flooring. Laminate Flooring is quite cost effective than real wood flooring. Laminate Flooring will not be affected by cleaning agents as it is chemical resistant. Even if exposed to direct sunlight, the laminate floor will not fade. It will maintain its color and design for years. Laminate Floors repel dust, dust mites and other allergy causing particles. They do not contain any PCB’s, dioxins, plasticizers or chlorines. It can be easily cleaned as it is stain resistant. Laminated Particle Boards are available in various designs and colors. Laminate Particle Boards are scratch and abrasion resistant due to its hard surface finish. It is flame resistant. Laminate Particle Boards give a very natural look. Laminate Flooring is a preferred choice of consumers these days as in many aspects it has an upper hand over hard wood flooring. Laminate Flooring Is Used To Solve Problems Fri, 10 Feb 2012 14:17:49 +0530 It is very much true that Laminate Flooring has decreased the demand of hardwood floors because of its numerous attributes, price being the most important among them. Laminate Flooring in comparison to hardwood flooring requires no maintenance as it is stain and damage resistant and requires no rubbing, waxing and polishing cost. It has the ability to withstand more moisture than hardwood floors.   There are many videos available online for the easy installation of Laminate Flooring. There is no requirement for the professionals to be hired for the installation of Laminate Flooring whereas for hardwood floors, it is advisable to hire experts for the installation.   Being sensitive to moisture, hardwoods are not advisable to be used in bathrooms and the areas which are prone to water or liquids. Waxing of hardwood floors is a must, as it tends to lose shine over time. On the other hand, Laminate Flooring is a good option for bathrooms.   Laminate Flooring is a cost effective alternative to wood, with a wide array of sizes and shapes to choose from.   Key Points To Help You To Make A Choice Between Hardwoods And Laminate Flooring:1. Internet use for research: One can browse through various search engines to know the requisites of the desired flooring. The product forums will give you a platform to clarify your doubts. The reviews posted will tell you the experiences of people who are already using Laminate Particle Boards. You can also contact some of the reputed Laminate Particle Board Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters and can get answers to all your queries.   2. Take samples home: Visiting a couple of retail stores will help you get an insight of Laminate Particle Boards. It would not be a bad idea to take a sample of Laminate Particle Boards home. Do not forget to look for a trade mark on Laminate Particle Boards.    3. Bottom line prices to be explored: It is not always necessary that Laminate Particle Boards of high quality would be priced higher. Buyers just need to make a more extensive search to get the right deals.   4. Cash and carry purchase over installed purchase: The work of experts is definitely showcased by the installation of flooring. But depending on the pocket, one can make a choice between hiring an independent installer or getting it done from the store from where it was purchased. The independent installers approximately charge half the price that is quoted by retail stores for installation of Laminate Particle Boards.   5. Warranty: The duration of the warranty is the key aspect one should look for while choosing a suitable Laminate Particle Board.   After considering these points one can easily purchase the Floor Laminates but buyers must ensure that they get all their queries answered in detail from the Laminate Particle Boards Manufacturers & Suppliers before choosing the product to buy. Why Is Laminate Flooring So Popular Tue, 19 Jun 2012 16:25:17 +0530 Laminate Flooring is versatile flooring as it has become very popular in today’s world. These floors are easy to clean and are perfect for home with children and pets. Laminate flooring can be set easily and quickly. You just need to follow a few steps. You can set up Laminate Flooring in any part of your house. But it is advisory not to install in bathrooms, mudrooms or rooms with surplus moist because the extra water or moisture might smash up the flooring.   Advantages:There are many advantages of Laminated Flooring. Some of them are given below: They are made up of high quality material. They give an attractive ceramic look, accumulating style and class. They are long lasting and don’t need much maintenance. They are affordable and widely available. They are made to bear tough operation.   Common Methods of Installing Laminating Floors: Glue down method Click clock method Floating method The notable aspect of Laminated Floor is the low price. It is comparatively cheaper than any other flooring. Although cheaper, yet it gives the impression of being more stylish and classy than expensive flooring options. Laminate Flooring is very hygienic than other types of floorings. You cannot find dust mites or any other insects or unsanitary particles in your home after fitting this type of floor. People suffering from allergies and respiratory problem should definitely install Laminated Flooring.   Maintenance:People who don’t have much time for house hold chores or who don’t like cleaning, the best option in flooring for them is Laminate Floors.   Do’s: A sweep with a broom A quick wipe with a wet cloth Or just a quick run over with your vacuum cleaner. Water or ammonia or those products which are made for only for these floors can be used. Don’ts: Don’t wax or buff the floor Never use soap or any harsh cleaners   Laminate floor types posses an AC, or Abrasion Classification rating. If the AC is high the floor will be more resistant to deterioration and long lasting.  Laminate floor is soaring in demand; they are getting popular day by day. So, if you want your house to look classy, then you must modify your house and go for Laminated Floor. Add Laminate Flooring to your home features and your home will become a lot more attractive. Laminated Wooden Flooring Attractive Wood Flooring for Interiors Tue, 19 Jun 2012 16:31:36 +0530 Laminated Wooden Floors are one of the best types of flooring. They comprises of two or more plies of wood support. The two ply Wood Laminated Floors are less in cost than the others. There are variety of Laminated Floor with different colors and designs. Laminated Wood Floor does not give the look of hardwood but actually it is made up of solid wood. It gives the manifestation of having hardwood flooring in fewer prices. It is prepared from different materials complied together under intense pressure, so these floors are also known as Engineered Hardwood. Laminate Hardwood Flooring is also known as a floating floor because it is very light and easy to clean.   Wooden Flooring Is Of Various Types: Solid Wood: This type of flooring uses actual wood. Laminated or Engineer Flooring: This type of flooring is blend of several wood plies with grain alternating in opposite direction. Impregnated and Acrylic Flooring: It is done to make the floor highly durable. Such flooring is suitable for crowded public areas such as Malls, Restaurants, etc.   Wooden flooring Also Comes In Different Styles: Planks: It is the traditional type of wooden flooring. They are natural pieces of three inches thickness. Strips: Strips are made of shorter pieces of roughly two inches thick planks. Parquet: In this type of flooring, Wood Pieces are laid out to build a pattern or design on the floor.   If you are thinking to add Laminated Wooden Flooring to your house, you should get the materials from a reputable wood store. First make a good research on the various timber stores located nearby to your area. At least, you will get some idea or knowledge regarding the Wooden Laminated Floors, its feature, cost, etc. You can also contact some Hardwood Flooring wholesalers or visit websites. You can also save some money if you will buy flooring materials from wholesaler in bulk.   Laminated wood flooring is admired all over world. It is one of the affordable yet stylish floorings that can be easily installed. So, if you are thinking of building or renovating your house, then you must choose Wooden Laminated Flooring. One important thing to do while choosing Wooden Floor is to ensure that it stay unaltered by high temperature. What Is A Particle Board? Fri, 29 Jun 2012 14:48:57 +0530 Particle Board or engineered wood is produced by using wood particles, namely, saw dust, wood chips, sawmill shavings and a synthetic resin or binder and then pressed. It is economical and dense wood and hence lightest and weakest fiber board. Particle Boards are available in various grades and specifications. The strength of Particle board is directly proportional to its density. In fact, Particle Board with higher density is more resistant to failure of screw fasteners.   The mixture of wood particles and resin is used to fabricate sheets of Particle Board or Chipboard. The raw materials are fed into a disc chipper which consists of blades. All the particles are dried and then the synthetic resin is added. After that, this liquid is molded into sheets. These sheets are then cold-compressed to make them portable by reducing their thickness. They are compressed again by the action of pressure and temperature to harden the resin. Finally, these sheets are cooled and trimmed.   Particle Board is advantageous many ways: Particle Board is economical than conventional wood. It does not undergo splitting and warping when exposed to humidity. The Particle Boards are high in demand due to uniformity in thickness. The sheets of Particle Board or Chipboard are flat and large in size. These sheets are resistant to any kind of stains and steam. The sheets of Particle Board are very easy to clean. Particle Board can be easily decorated by using laminated overlays. Since Particle Board is manufactured by using recycled wood products; hence, they are eco-friendly to some extent.   Particle Board also has some disadvantages: It is meant for indoor use only as due to long exposure to moisture the situation of decolonization arises and it may also expand. It gives a dull appearance in comparison to solid wood. It has very less elasticity as compared to solid wood. It has low bending strength. There are always chances of chipping of ends therefore solid timber is required for edge treatment.   These Particle Boards are used in partitioning, table tops, wall cladding, shelving, furniture carcass construction, ceiling, doors, computer furniture, kitchen cabinets, beds, etc. These can be bought online from the Particle Board Manufacturers and Suppliers. Why You Need To Use Chipboard Screws With Particle Board Fri, 06 Jul 2012 15:09:50 +0530 A variety of fasteners are available in the market for several applications. Chipboard screws are the fasteners that are available various grades and specifications. These can be purchased from large hardware stores. Chipboard Screws comprise of ‘grippers’, commonly known as nibs. Chipboard Zinc Screws are fabricated from zinc, yellow zinc and black oxide. The cost of screws varies according to the size and the material used in the screws.   A Particle board is commonly known as Chipboard. Sometimes, it is also called engineered wood i.e. man-made wood due to its composition. It is made from the wood particles and synthetic resin. High density of these boards can be attributed to the resin content. The strength of the board is directly proportional to its density. When we talk of moisture, the capability of board to absorb moisture is indirectly proportional to density. One of the main reasons for growing popularity of engineered Particle Boards is their cost effectiveness.   The major disadvantage of using particle board is that due to frequent exposure to moisture it is may undergo expansion. In the case of particle boards it is suggested that their outdoor use should be avoided unless it is protected with appropriate coating. Nevertheless, it is used in kitchens and bathrooms but it is coated with vinyl. All the characteristics of particle board suggest that chipboard screws are the best choice to grip the board rather than normal screws.   Chipboard screws are known for their better grip due to a deep thread. These are preferred as they account for no splitting. This becomes possible solely because of thin shafts. These screws come up with one more advantage of self-tapping. Self-tapping does not require any kind of drilling to make a hole.   You can log on to websites and portals to know more about reliable Chipboard Screw Manufacturers and Suppliers. Online search gives you a fair regarding the rates of Chipboard Screw. Besides, you have access to several options. Buyers And Specifiers Guide To Particle Board Fri, 06 Jul 2012 15:12:12 +0530 Particle Boards, also referred to as chipboards, are fabricated by the integration of wood particles with synthetic resins.  Particle Boards comprise of engineered wood and are ideal in dry conditions. However, Particle Boards can be painted and coated to protect them against moisture. There are certain aspects that need to be considered when you buy Particles Board. For example you need to examine the quality, robustness, density, etc. Further, you must have a clear idea of your requirement so that you choose the Particle Board in appropriate dimensions.   How to analyze a particle board on all these parameters?  This a common question by the prospective buyers. To set standards, the American National Standard for Particle Board was established by National Particle Board Association. As per the set standard, the particle boards can typically be classified on the basis of their density.   Advantages of Particle Boards Particle Boards are cheaper than solid timber. Particle Boards are available in large flat sheets. Unlike solid timber, Particle Boards are free from warping and splitting with changing humidity. Particle Boards can be finished with veneer and other coatings for aesthetic appeal.   Particle Boards are popular for properties like uniformity in density, smooth surface, strength, flat surface, high-level performance, etc. Laminators provide users with variety of coating materials for particleboards, namely, high-pressure laminates, thermo-fused, resin saturated papers, vinyl films, hot transfer films and wood covering.   Particle boards find a variety of applications. For kitchens M-2, M-3 and M-5 grades are used. Then we talk of floor underlayment. A suitable combination of floor underlayment with sub-floor can yield strong floorings. These floors have high insulation value and are able to withstand severe physical impacts. Stair threads are another example.   These are available in various lengths and exhibit uniform thickness. Shelves are also serving in this context. Shelves are flat, smooth and they can be cut easily. The characteristics of Door particle board make it different from normal material. It is solid, free of voids, highly resistant to sound and heat loss and possess high insulation values. Particle Boards Used For Various Woodworks Mon, 30 Jul 2012 13:04:27 +0530 Particle Board can be defined as a structural material that is made from solid wood particles. A number of wood particles such as saw dust, sawmill flakes, wood chips, etc. can be used to make Particle Board. The Particle Boards are available in a wide range of sizes and they can be categorized on the basis of their size as well as density. In fact, to a great extent, it is density that determines the heaviness of the Particle Board. There are several Particle Board Manufacturers who provide these boards in a number of specifications that include variation in the density.   The Countless Woodworking: The Particle Boards are available in a variety of finishes and thus, can be used for various woodworks. Some of the examples are mentioned below: Particle Boards are ideal for countertop. Depending upon the use and type of countertop, varied types of Particle Boards can be chosen. Particle Boards are strong and long-lasting and thereby, can be termed as long term investment when used for countertop. Particle Boards are cheaper than hardwood. The reason for this is that Particle Boards are made from recycled wood. Therefore, shelves made of Particle Boards are economical and are extensively used in several households. Though not very strong, yet the Particle Boards can be used as cross-mated bits in the platform beds. The lightweight Particle Boards are ideal to be used in a number of furniture items such as shelves, cabinets, desks, bed frames, tables and many others. In fact, Laminate Particle Boards can also be used to ensure that the different varieties of furniture do not get affected on coming in contact with water. Particle Boards are ideal to make kitchen cabinets. Particle Boards for Kitchen Cabinets can be availed in several specifications. There are Bagasse Particle Boards that are ideal for heavy-duty woodworking. The Bagasse Particle Boards are ideal for such wood applications in which strength and durability are of prime significance.   Particle Boards are the best raw materials when it comes to making cheap yet quality furniture. Furniture, shelves, cabinets, etc. made of Particle Boards are easy to maintain and last long. Particle Boards can be availed in a number of thicknesses, grades, sizes and colors as well. There are several <b><a href="">Particle Boards Manufacturers in India.</a></b> Melamine Particle Boards Particle Board Manufacturer Mon, 30 Jul 2012 13:05:38 +0530 Melamine Particle Boards can be defined as plastic coated particle boards that are comparatively harder and stronger than the simple particle boards. The strong Melamine Particle Boards are easy to clean and maintain. They have great aesthetic value and thus, are the best choice for a number of interior applications, where strength and durability are of paramount significance.   There are a number of factors that can be attributed to the Melamine Particle Boards. This versatile Particle Board is hard-wearing and can easily be modified as per requirements. Added to that, the Melamine Particle Boards can resist shock, last longer than several other types of Particle Boards, are waterproof and do not get easily damaged by scratches and stains.   Especially manufactured from paper and sawdust, the Melamine Particle Boards can be availed in a number of vibrant colors, sizes and patterns. There are several Melamine PB Manufacturers who make available the Melamine Particle Boards in custom-designs as per the requirements of the buyers. Many of these manufacturers can be contacted online. Although buyers have to ensure that only the reputed ones are contacted. Buyers can get in touch with “PATEL KENWOOD PVT. LTD.”, a renowned Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Particle Boards, for purchasing quality Particle Boards. The company is known for its fair, transparent dealings and client-centric approach. To get the best deals in Particle Boards as well as Melamine Particle Boards, buyers can place orders with the company. Prelaminated Particle Board White Particle Board Mon, 30 Jul 2012 13:06:14 +0530 As is evident from the name, the Prelaminated Particle Board is a laminated Particle Board. In fact, it is the lamination that makes Prelaminated Particle Board different from other types of Particle Boards. The Prelaminated Particle Boards are required for a number of interior applications. The Prelaminated Particle Boards are extensively used to make desks, interior and exterior furniture, closet shelves, etc. Similarly, there are White Particle Boards that too are used to make cabinets, shelves, furniture, etc. Both the Prelaminated Particles Boards as well as the White Particle Boards can be availed in a variety of sizes and grades.   Prelaminated Particles Boards and White Particle Boards are strong, easy to care and long-lasting. They can be availed in varied thicknesses, sizes, densities and finishes. Having excellent physical properties, both of these Particle Boards are ideal to make furniture.   There are several companies which deal in Prelaminated Particles Boards and White Particle Boards. Buyers should be very careful while depending upon any of these companies to Buy Prelaminated Particles Boards or White Particle Boards. However, buyers can contact “PATEL KENWOOD PVT. LTD.” – a company that has substantial client base across the world. With “PATEL KENWOOD PVT. LTD.”, buyers can surely expect quality Particles Boards of any variety at relatively moderate prices. Melamine Boards: An Overview Fri, 07 Sep 2012 12:33:03 +0530 Melamine Boards are one of the most popular boards that are used in a number of indoor as well as outdoor applications. Melamine Boards are available in different designs and sizes and are therefore used widely. The availability of these Melamine Boards in elegant and attractive finishes has made them all the more popular in the market. The Melamine Boards are extremely attractive and are capable of adding to the aesthetics of the set up.   Merits Of Melamine Boards: Melamine Boards are quite strong and durable. Melamine Boards are quite resistant to cracking under normal circumstances. The Melamine Boards are resistant to abrasion. Melamine Boards do not get damaged by cigarette burns. The Melamine Boards are not affected too much by extreme temperatures. Warm water and mild soaps can be used for cleaning of Melamine Boards.   Applications Of Melamine Boards: Melamine Boards can be used for constructing out feed tables and router tables. These Melamine Boards can also be used as wall and floor claddings as they are stain resistant and relatively inexpensive. Melamine Boards can also be used as insulation material. Laminated Melamine Particle Boards are also available which provide a glossy finish to the entire thing. Melamine Boards are one of the best and most economical ways of decorating any kind of interiors. Melamine Boards can also be used for external wall claddings. Melamine Boards can also be used for making home furnishing items such as beds and wardrobes.   Melamine Boards of superior quality and strength are manufactured, exported and supplied by Patel Kenwood Pvt Ltd. All these Melamine Boards are manufactured using latest technology and the best of raw materials. The company has an expert team of professionals who strive to produce only the best quality Melamine Boards for the buyers.  The Melamine Boards, offered by the company, are known for their strength and durability. The company provides these Melamine Boards in different colors as per the customers’ specifications. To have a look at the Melamine Boards offered by the company or for any other information regarding the company, visit its website at All About Particle Boards Fri, 07 Sep 2012 12:35:13 +0530 Particle Boards are especially engineered wooden boards that are made from wood chips, saw dust and sawmill shavings. As a composite material, the Particle Board is stronger and more durable than usual plywood. The Particle Boards are also more attractive than the usual wooden boards and are available in a variety of colors. Owing to their beneficial characteristics, the Particle Boards can be used at a number of places.   Merits Of Particle Boards: Solid Color Particle Boards are very dense and uniform in composition as compared to regular plywood. Particle Boards have a uniformly smooth surface that enhances their aesthetic appeal. These Particle Boards are available in a number of colors. Particle Boards are quite resistant to spilling of water. Particle Boards are not prone to warping and splitting with changes in humidity. The Particle Boards are easily available in flat sheets that can be easily installed anywhere. Particle Boards are cheaper than solid timber.   Applications Of Particle Boards: Particle Boards can be safely used for making bookshelves and partitions in wardrobes. Certain furniture items such as tables and desks can be made from Particle boards. Table Tops can also be made from Solid Color Particle Boards. Particle Boards can also be used as an alternative to the regular floorings. Some of the Particle Board floorings are designed to be resistant to the attack of termites and fungus.   Particle Boards, these days, are quite easily available in a number of colors. You can pick any of the colored Particle Board depending on the area where you wish to install it.  Patel Kenwood Pvt Ltd is a renowned Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of superior quality Solid Color Particle Boards. To view the kinds of Solid Colors Particle Boards offered by Patel Kenwood Pvt Ltd you can visit its website at Teak Particle Board Fri, 07 Sep 2012 12:36:45 +0530 Teak Particle Boards are made from the Teak wood which is a tropical hardwood. As the Teak tree is a native of Asia, and grows abundantly in India too, the teak wood is used extensively in a number of ways in the Indian subcontinent. As already mentioned, Teak wood is used for making strong and durable Particle Boards in various sizes. These Teak Particle Boards are specially designed to make them suitable for a larger number of applications. The Teak Wood Boards are available in shades of olive brown and yellowish brown and these colors acquire a golden hue as time passes.   Merits Of Teak Particle Boards: Teak Particle Boards are extremely strong and durable. These Teak Particle Boards are very easy to clean and maintain. These Particle Boards are resistant to attacks by fungus, bores and termites. The Teak Particle Boards are available in different thicknesses, sizes and shades. Teak Particle Boards have a greater stability than the conventional wooden boards.   Applications Of Teak Particle Boards: Teak Particle Boards can be used as partitions in between rooms. Various kinds of household furniture items can be made from these Teak Particle Boards. Kitchen cabinets can be made from Teak Particle Boards. Panels in panel doors are also made from Teak Particle Boards. Beds can also be made from Teak Particle Boards. Ceilings of certain kinds can also be made from these Teak Particle Boards. Wardrobes can also be made from the Teak Particle Boards.   Patel Kenwood is among the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Teak Particle Boards. All these Particle Boards are manufactured by the company in accordance to the international standards so that the customers get only the best quality Teak Particle Boards. To know more about the company and the various kinds of Particle Boards offered by them, visit its website at