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Melamine Particle Board Facts

Posted by Admin on January, 04, 2012

Melamine is basically used as a coating over the furniture to enhance its quality as well as appearance. It is extensively used to add value in the make of otherwise ordinary wood products. The material has various scientific characteristics and can be used for various purposes. Pertaining to its low cost and resilient way to give different colors and patterns to the wood products; it is extensively used in the wood industry.

Varieties Of Melamine:
The Melamine Particle Board is available throughout the markets in a wide variety of thicknesses. As the Melamine in the Particle Board is a simple beauty enhancing material, it can easily be used as any pattern and color as well.

The Advantages Of Melamine:
Melamine is quite advantageous if compared to other materials. One can get the bulk quantity of this material at very low prices. The material is not restricted to be only used as a decorative sheet but has several usages, which make it top the list of the users.

The Make Of Melamine Particle Board:
The Melamine Particle Board is basically formed by melamine resin, which is made by the mixture of formaldehyde and melamine. The Melamine Particle Board is extensively used to laminate a decorative sheet over a particle board.

How One Can Work With Melamine Particle Board?
To make most of the Melamine material as a Particle Board, one has to fetch specific saw blades, which are especially meant for making the Melamine Particle Board. One can get these specially designed saw blades from various shops in the market.

Precautions Must Be There:
Though the material is very beneficial from the viewpoint of making Melamine Particle Board, safety measures must be adopted while handling the Melamine Particle Boards.

While cutting the Melamine-coated Particle Board panels with the help of a saw, greatest care has to be taken. The very tiny remains of Melamine coating usually fly off from the saw blades at very high speed. These non-viewable tiny particles can cause harm to the eyes. Besides this, cut ends on the Melamine-coated Particle Boards are very sharp. For this, covering the ends with a metal file would be the best solution.

One can avail the high-quality Melamine Particle Board from various outlets in the market and also look out for the online Melamine Particle Boards Manufactures, who provide them at very economical prices.

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